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RA_2017 - egyptian figures done for Doctor Flower

AMON-RA, 2017 NEW AGE OF SUN - DRAWINGS MADE AFTER PROTESTS Drawing set made for one of my dearest doctors, although a professional individual and the first one to give me the "Diagnosis" of "Bipolar Disorder" (Trastorno Bipolar), she was actually pretty cool as a friend having a wonderful mind, going deep inside your mind and making me understand myself better. The second one in fact, although funnier in approach had a more brutal "ego-driven" wall that kept her unable to tackle some conceptual debates. She wanted to have the last word, and when angry ... she told me go to pills, and with a biased doctor is really dangerous because he can abuse you anytime he wants with a paper of maybe wrong diagnosis. With a good attorney, this diagnosis is so weak in arguments, subjective and biased on the treshold intensity of the doctors previous work experiences and / or life ... but going deep in the pacient's mind, works both ways : the pacient can go in your


el Raval - Mysterious Arabian Nights INKTOBER 2017 SERIES drawings made in inktober, almost 6 month after my internal combustion / explosion that took me to Obregia (9 Hospital for Psych Diseases) - tearing me inside out ... leaving me hopeless medicine was not that hard on me anymore, and I started painting :  2 DIVIDED 3 POISON (MY POISON, BEYOND) 4 UNDERWATER (DACIC TUNNELS) 5 LONG 6 SWORD 7 SHY (SEXY GIRL FROM THE VET) 8 CROOKED - AMSTERDAM 9 THE SILENT SCREECH (OF A GENERATION) 9 SILENT SCREECH LOOKOUT TOWER - VARIANT 9 SILENT SCREECH - FINAL VERSION inspired by a vivid dream about being with Aurora and Cristian Roman at Castelul Huniarzilor, it was a a lookout tower, far ... you had to cross a bridge to get the best view. I felt like it was definately Transylvania, our Lands. Aurora and Cristian stood back, I had to walk the bridge alone. In my drawing I put two figures, I wanted to enjoy the view with ... some loved one. If any for me ... i looked up after all the towers in the