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End of Times - the Hindu Way ... with Harihara, the supreme Endgod

Harihara - the Supreme Endgod Hari-hara or Shankaranarayana, the union of Vishnu( Hari ) and Shiva( Hara ). Hindu eschatology is linked in the Vaishnavite tradition to the figure of Kalki, or the tenth and last avatar of Vishnu names of the Supreme Being in Hinduism and before the age draws to a close, and Harihara simultaneously dissolves and regenerates the universe.  Always loved that Romanian philosopher Mircea Eliade made (or tried to make) the only world-known treaty of world religions. Maybe it was his love affair with the lovely indian Maytrei Devi (dreaming of their " Nuntă în Cer " - Sky Wedding) and getting more into Hinduism, but anyway ... wrote about this here : the History of Religions, a graphic diagram. Oddly enough, at 35 years only I had 2 cats. One black tomcat named Tuesday 13th and the second a lovely girl I called awkwardly enough, Ari ( Ari Ari, Hari or Aristița ) that eventually fell to her death. ... more like Harihara i guess, because of our Dacian