VALUL, Covid 2020

Marele Val din Kanagawa - de Katsushika Hokusai (japonez), pictura prefarată a mamei 

...after the wave of the pandemic hit hard on the fragile turning more fragile by-day humanity, all the souls were left stripped of their masks and down to their very core of being, showing the people's real faces, raw and uncut, ugly or beautiful. Coronavirus epidemy (turned into pandemic by the global hysteria) was maybe just a blessed god-sent catalyst that accelerated our collision with destiny, stopping us from self-destruction.

The darkest mist in the deepest night closed us inside our homes in order to open our hearts to each other, and learn what we forgot during all the past years live life again, work together as a team to stop an invisible common enemy, to love and enjoy the sun, to disband religions, spiritual cacophonies, melting borders and to become one with another, the true call of humanity regained...

The apocalypse of the feeble minded, the rebirth of nature and yet, turning another page in history ... 🌼




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