History of Religions tree


"a History of Religions tree"

And yet, another interesting find by the ever curious scientist Alis Olea, always ready to experiment, while bio-engineering the minds of other people with "very innapropiate graphical tolerance" or "religious intoxication above recommended levels" as she coined it, a "Jesusification" of the spirit in the detriment of real feelings and human spiritual inter-conectivity.

We were talking about Mircea Eliade's History of Religions (himself being a victim of a cross minded love, with Maiytrei Devi of indian descent - a tale of love between a christian-orthodox and a hindu beauty) and the work I started on my own on our family tree - a work inspired by the 2017 protests in Romania while figuring out how to find some common grounds or decency between the opposing sides raffling out protests, dear friends getting verbally assaulted for political options (accused of PSD-ism and bashed emotionally), misunderstanding etc. 

Mircea Eliade was a prodigy of his generation, ambassador for România, a philosopher like no other and a true leader of his generation of intellectuals. His endeavour into the "History of Religions" treaty is based around the basic, obvious question of ...

 "Why true love, or love between two individuals, must have -Religion- as a barrier?"

Mircea Eliade even considered of converting himself to Hinduism, in order to love Maiytrei because of her rigid hierarchical culture. What is even more fascinating about Him is that he was in fact a supporter of the extreme Right-Wing : The Legionnary Movement (Mișcarea Legionară) led by charismatic and talismanic leader Corneliu Zelea Codreanu, a mystic himself that defended our "right faith" more than Christianity, our right for freedom and inspired many to die in prisons (martyrdom for Christ) and others to fight in the mountains : La Resistencia, same as the communist Partigiani in the mountains, for the idea of Freedom. Against all oppressive regime that wanted to get into our hearts. 

But what was Mircea Eliade so oppressed about ? The Nationalist Orthodox Mystics combined with Fascist (Axis Allied) influences vibe of interbelic România actually did not satisfy his endless spiritual explorations of the infinite horizons in the inner self. He decided to step out of Christian Dogma and explore other cultures, only to meet the Sacred and God in India, where he said "Christianity is born in India - these people are in Tune with God, live for the Truth and Harmony - not like Europe". He was always fascinated by the "Sacred and the Profane" (Sacru și profan), a Rebel in Thought and Religious perspectives ... crushing all with questions, questions and more questions. And a lot of thought, thinking and re-thinking.

And the 1989 Romanian Revolution was meant to free ourselves, we fought in prisons and mountains for resistance against communist regime ... and for what now.

And what about the world today ? Talk about religion and tolerance in today's society is only but a joke... what the world needs now is a big spiritual refresh. 

Maybe a hard reset ? back to our origins or to the Rivers of Belief ... an X in world history, at least for Romanian history.

This work of a "Religion Tree" or "Family Tree" was highly inspired by the work I was doing in the "Asociatia Culturală Rădăcini" (Rădăcini = Roots, but not Sepultura) cultural organization, as side project apart from the historical monuments and architecture activities. Luckily I refused to be the "president" of the organisation, never really liked titles that much ... but watercolouring historical places, searching, researching some lost Stârcea connections lost ... and talking, going in our family archives took us to places .... such as Predeal (and hunting for Legionari in the cemeteries, monasteries etc.), Ploiești, Bucovina, Kuty in Poland, Bălți and refuge, Vălenii de Munte, even Turnu Măgurele, Old War Memoirs, Tank explosions and hard core Horia Sima forced enrolls in the "outside government", Valea Rea Aquaduct, Șendricenii near Iași and our grand-grandfather cultural association ... basically a struggle for a family to stay together ... surpassing apparently crazy stuff, like the marriage between a catholic and an orthodox, but because of love and some were really stubborn in love, disregarding everything told or heard around them...

was always inspired by the Motto of Asociația Culturală Rădăcini ( https://credodesign.ro/asociatia-culturala-radacini ) :

“Din rădăcini proprii, în adâncimi proprii se naște civilizația adevărată a unui popor” 
– Mihai Eminescu

my work on the family tree - Autocad


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