RA_2017 - egyptian figures done for Doctor Flower


Drawing set made for one of my dearest doctors, although a professional individual and the first one to give me the "Diagnosis" of "Bipolar Disorder" (Trastorno Bipolar), she was actually pretty cool as a friend having a wonderful mind, going deep inside your mind and making me understand myself better. The second one in fact, although funnier in approach had a more brutal "ego-driven" wall that kept her unable to tackle some conceptual debates. She wanted to have the last word, and when angry ... she told me go to pills, and with a biased doctor is really dangerous because he can abuse you anytime he wants with a paper of maybe wrong diagnosis.

With a good attorney, this diagnosis is so weak in arguments, subjective and biased on the treshold intensity of the doctors previous work experiences and / or life ... but going deep in the pacient's mind, works both ways : the pacient can go in your mind also ... 

After our first talks, I made this set ... as a present for her to work / experiment with pacients. Although you receive a "bipolar disorder" diagnosis of being a broken human being, you can send some love to the doctor also ... there is no need to judge him out of his context, he is just doing his work, for its time ... and maybe we are facing new times, new sunny times in which all deemed crazy may heal and enjoy the same sun with the "normal", "conformit" people around ... :


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