Why the Devil blog ?

why the Devil blog ? ... 

The name started from a fun word-play that came out after researching 666 as a benefical number in our ancient culture, an interesting twist for what is mostly known as evil. Indeed, as romanian language is rich in polysemantic words so does "Devil" has multiple meanings. At the same time it may mean evil, wicked (in a good way), clever, fast-minded, seductive or attractive even or a heavy machine used for taking tree trunks out of the earth while deforestation. I loved the idea of deforestation in the abstract meaning of cleaning or cleansing, purifying as a reset. And because the whole idea of Atelierul din Hamac (which translates to the Workshop from the Hammock) had its roots in my philosophical and political tendencies of mixing relaxing with thinking or having a think-tank at the end of the working week ... I thought the deforestation / purifying of ideas will fit perfectly for what I think it is a key in evolution, debate and question everything. So it is nothing fancy, nor occult ... 

about me ...

My name is Radu Florea and I'm a 35 years old architect from Pantelimon - Bucharest, România. After more than 10 years dedicated to heritage protection and architecture (personal projects such as ArDealu Frumos, working for heritage practices or associations and more), as well as some politic studies, art exhibitions, Atelierul din Hamac cultural platform, architecture competitions or private projects,  I've finally decided to go on my own oath in November 2019, with my wife Alis in Barcelona.

BitDefender Romanian Antivirus ... and the Awakened Wolf of High Energy - Spirituality

Here, we went full into the arts (poetry, painting, sculpture) and architecture, exploring the city and its history. With Alis, we started developing more concepts, emotions and new ideas.

After talking a lot we both understood, that a desire for change cannot be implemented from today's political parties and democratic faulty corruptible system, but may be fulfilled from an ideological or spiritual point of view. As Apokalypsis is just the greek word for 'revelation', not a bad omen or end of times, we thought the virus pandemic landed us a great opportunity for 'self-revelation' and unmasking the real masks. As the world is turning upside down and tearing itself apart from wars, hate and radical left / right movements, we thought the virus outbreak might be indeed a stopping / turning point. We named it symbolically Architecture of the Apocalypse : http://www.studio51.ro/barcelonart/

a favorite quote of mine is Mircea Eliade's author of the History of Religions Treaty :

" Everything is possible, against all odds ! " ... 


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