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A “Troița” is a Romanian shrine, dedicated to maintain faith in the utmost parts of the countryside, where a church cannot be built. A small symbol, usually carved in wood or stone that reminds you of another man that was there before you, recomforting you on your way and that unknown forces, holy spirit is with you. Your spirit calms down as its soothing effect enters your body, relaxing your anxiety or despair that you are lost on your trail. That you have lost your way.

My client was a bit special, for he had many ecumenical thoughts all through his life, an ever endless search for truth, an individual of high spiritual interest in more other religions, other than Christianity. This interest took him to many adventures such as “Meditația Transcedentală” in the communist era (a sort of new age group), close ties to Yoga teachers, priests, historians and many other sacred or occult organizations. Also very fond of ancient old solar beliefs, dacians, thracians and wolves. Much like our romanian philosopher Mircea Eliade and his love-affair with beautiful Maiytrei Devi from India (that made him write The History of Religions - coming from the Question : "Why true love must have Religion as barrier?"), uncle Rainer is an adventurer and spiritual explorer. 

Indeed a close friend with my Bucovina born Grandfather (a war hero in the Second World War), He once told me and my brother, while walking in the backyard on the sunny hills of Dâmbovița, the land of “Descălecat” that : 

Never, Never ever forget where you are coming from. Never.

The occult is his speciality and his ideas brought him even to be part of the “Bank of Religions” (Banca Religiilor) an economical flop that was highly controversial in its era. Yet, as some individuals found this bank as a place to get rich (or die trying), some others more idealists gave their hearts to the conceptual core, and contributed to the construction of the Ecumenical Center in Vulcana Pandele – near Târgoviște. An all-too-freaky place to hang around, where they built an Orthodox Church, a Synagogue and a Mosque … and their wish was to go on further with Hindu Temples, Buddhist, Shamanist Shrines etc. All world religions in a common melting pot, where else ? But Romania.

Their dream was a bit far-fetched, but as today people seem to behave one with another with such reckless hate, based on different religious views … not that far of a fetch after all.

And his Polish ancestry (roots) brought him to even walk around the Vatican and catholic charismatic leader Pope Paul II during his 1999 apostolic visit to România. Pope Paul II said then : România is the Land of the Mother of God (Grădina Maicii Domnului), actually nobody understood what he wanted to say. But maybe something prophetical, as the End of Times seems to draw nearer in both Christian and Hinduist eschatology (prophecies of the Apocalypse) ...

In 2015 he wished to build an experimental Troița / Shrine in his village in Dâmbovița County, for which he had some clear ideas : should be a glass pyramid that holds inside an inverted cross, in which all man can enter, because the best cross – is the human itself with his arms stretched wide ( an interesting feat. that was preached in the “Isihasm” school of Rugul Aprins / Burning Pyre of Antim Monastery, in Bucharest ) … challenge accepted 

Maybe it is just me, to be born on August 13th, an unlucky number (in theory) but my uncle says it resembles more of the Beast of Revelation 13 : , always having a dark side and fond of the number 666, occult and all included.

But for more on this subject check my paintings from age 13, in the 7th grade :

Pharaoh ordered, Architect executed …

one of the types proposed, 3d model online :

more on the center, an interesting visit … here : 


România - Land of the Mother of God
painting in an orthodox church


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