Freedom Fighters : Fiddler on the Roof, 2020

The sensation of infinite freedom ... is not anymore, when your first wife keeps nagging you about seeing some Goddamn movie, Christian has recommended her. But the guy being catolic and a very funny, spiritual and sexy man... I said, why not ? Lets give it a try..

"Fiddler on the Roof" , about jews, ideological revolution, communism, traditions and well ... The "Fiddler" on the roof constantly keeping their light shining bright and bringing hope in the most darkest moments ...

A few weeks after we decided to buy this beast of scooter, "Give me strongest, cheapest, piece of shit you got!". There it is : SYM FIDDLE III ...

125cc of brute city surfing, but can go 105 kmh almost, without sidewind. After a couple of drives in Barcelona, after 2 days I decided to take it on an initiation trip to somewhere far. But no, covid, measures...fuck that. I went full retard on side roads and avoided highways.

The trip was to a collegue of Alis, to bring her some sketches dressed up as document for research (Alis work). Alibi for Police in case they stopped mem which they did. Behind me sirens and a brand new sexy Nissan Juke stopped, with two handsome "caballeros" coming out, asking me about stuff. Used the alibi, passport, smiles, all 😄 got away.

I did a lot of ilegal stuff, most by accident, some because i never have driven nor scooter, nor motorcycle before, only my black singlespeed bike. But no, they stopped me to ask for my number, they saw my sexy legs and asked about the Scooter. No, actually i made a bad "GIRO" in a roundabout. "but how come you know spanish this good, only 6 months here?" ... "Senora Sepciu, caballeros!"... and a bit of Codina 😄

Alis collegue was from... REUS, the birthplace of Antoni Gaudi.

just a way to spice up isolation and internal family random stuff... about 350 km, Barcelona-Sitges-Tarragona-Reus-Villafranca del Penedes - Ordal (mountains) - Molinas del Rey y Rocafort, retur ...

Sometimes i miss her so much. The motorcycle, not the first wife ...

but more important , we made an awesome new friend as RICHIE , with his own bussiness ...

in his prime was not only merchandiser, mechanic, but also race pilot on the Tarragona Race Track 🏁 driving his Super Sport Honda around, with good friends by his side...

we had an amazing time with him talking about motos, bikes, women, cars, politics and catalan struggle for independence, immigrants, world chaos and human spirit ... his favorite being the scooters (also Scooter racing) ... VESPA, his favorite model, italian.

But I asked him if he know about URAL, with side car russian beasts or even better, the Romanian MOBRA

as the saying goes



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