Hello World ! and welcome to my web-blog !

"I dont share your greed, Dark Hașdeu Spiritism is all I need "+ Alis as hostage  - the Ace of Spades

Hello World ! and welcome to my web-blog ... 

My name is Radu Florea and I'm a 35 years old architect from Pantelimon - Bucharest, România. After 7 years of working in the heritage field for CredoDesign office (with large scale projects such as : the Astronomical Observatory, Brâncuși Calea Eroilor (Hero Axis - Table, Gate and Infinity Column) Ages Museum - Museum of Bucharest, Știrbey Palace, St. Gorgani - Legionnary Church, Comana Monastery Hero Memorial Center, Fire Tower - Foișorul de Foc, Arch of Triumph, Asociația Culturală Rădăcini - Roots and many more : branding & package ID, logo and calendar design, historical research and studies, archaeological sites, churches, monasteries, urban planning projects at Bran - Dracula Castle, hero monuments, christian and pre-christian tombs etc.) and more than 10 years dedicated to heritage protection and architecture (personal projects such as ArDealu Frumos, working for heritage associations like Monumente Uitate, trips and more), as well as Politic Studies (Masters Degree) personal and group art exhibitions like with the Urban Sketchers group, Atelierul din Hamac personal endeavour with arch. Lavinia Grădișteanu (who won #1st place in ING Kiterunners young startups competition and Us a trip at GreenAge III Symposium in Istanbul), architecture competitions (OAR Headquarters, Rome Community Ring, Valpolicella Winery, Sibiu public space) or private projects on the Sacred and Occult (the Pyramid Project) and book illustrations for the Black Cat of the Family,  I've finally decided to go on my own Path in November 2019, following Alis Olea into Spain who is working her PhD in Barcelona in Nanoparticles - Cancer Treatment, with her workgroup (website designed by her).

BitDefender Romanian Antivirus ... and the Awakened Wolf of our High Energy - Spirituality

Here, we went full into the arts (poetry, painting, sculpture) and architecture, exploring the city and its history, civil-war Spanish tales etc., making yet another ! group initiative with fellow architect, friend and artist Daniel Zlota (called Salsa, Tequila, Resistencia !). With Alis, I started developing concepts, emotions and new ideas (suchs as ecumenism, polygamy and much more), mostly in the religious and mystical side of life, because of our powerful Drive for the Spiritual and working closely with our dear friends such as Adrian Bucurescu and his theories that 666 is in fact a Sacred Number, a good one in ancient Geto-Dacians prophecies. I could not land a job and worked only remote So I thought ... if there is also corruption in Spain and immigrants treated bad, maybe it is a Sign that I should go for a more abstract destiny, greater than CredoDesign office. I was anyway over-qualified to land a boring desk-job. My mother and father always had good input and supported our efforts to conquer any obstacle, even the world if we want.

After talking a lot we both understood, that a desire for change can be fulfilled only from an "Apocalypse" of false ideas, and that went like an Architecture of the Apocalypse : http://www.studio51.ro/barcelonart/

...favorite Quote ? one of the favorites is surely Steve Jobs' :

"Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world usually do."

Alis finally showed me who I really am and why I was expecting Her and only Her into my life : when on the 01.03.2020 (pagan Mărțișor - Spring Dacic New Year) she painted a Spiral to the Center of my Heart ... later on to connect all dots and discover that at age 13 I was in fact painting the Apocalypse with a precise date 2010 or 2020 - a boat / ark, an army, nuclear explosions, and that in highschool I painted it again in 3D - with my KASS Army - Kinetic Armored Assault Army - a huge collection of private 3DStudioMax made models, weapons, cars, characters, space ships ... basically everything to prepare Us for what was about to come. 

other favorite quote ? should be Mircea Eliade author of the History of Religions Treaty :

" Everything is possible, against all odds ! " ... 

my black tomcat named Tuesday 13 (and his female friend Harihara) sitting near the "El Balcon Mitico" (Mythical Balcony) in University Square - Zero Kilometer for Democracy where the 1989 Romanian Revolution fired up protests and later on the brutal Mineriads.

And why not ? I had 13 years of struggles of gathering "The Team" after ArDealu Frumos team project, 7 hot and smart girlfriends like the 7 seals of the Apocalypse or 7 sins (each one, with a different one - will write about this soon, Lavinia the 5th being the Wrath and Martyr part, while Alis being the last one and having "Pride" written all over her family's forehead). Alice ... the kind of girl you can start planetary engines with.

me and my tomcat, named Tuesday 13th

The "Armaggedon" place was indeed our Apocalypse theme-coloured apartment in Gran Via 476, where I went into talking with her parents, online at the cover of Covid. Trapped and with no way out, fundamentalist Christians got violent and all hell broke loose, ending up in crushing all religions and Psychiatry in the same time. I was a Veteran of the Psychic Wars - being diagnosed for a bipolar disorder for my extremely intense emotions back in 2017, when our Government crushed the Romanian values and society with its infamous OUG 13 / 31.01.2017. A "Diesel" combustion of society under the pressure of 30 years of inequities, lack of leadership ... spiritual crisis and history neglect. 

Alis is indeed a Capricorn and I'm a 13th August born Leo so as the Romanian Călușarii traditional "Mut" mystic character goes, I took Alis as the "goat" on my "head" or as a hostage, securing me that no one will say I am that insane to take on every facebook or watsapp groups, awaking people to think out of their "Sleep of Death". A Holy League to tackle down the real Antichrist : hate, burning down statues, political incorectness and all censorship prone to put us in depression forever.

one of my doctors said :

"Radu I'm trying to figure out this madness of CoronaVirus situation.
I then told her : ... - don't worry. I am crazy - 
And Crazy people do their best when madness is around them."

and my second Doctor (I had 5) said :

"Mr. Architect, if you do dare quit your pills, well
... a second -manic- episode will be even more devastating then the first one in 2017
i Didn't say anything then but I thought to myself : Perfect !"

my favorite artist all-time Mihai Crețu (Bucharest, Romania born - trained in Berlin) has his visionary style of putting in Music pure art. This video embodies perfectly our "Dance of Death" we did with my chinese Xiaomi My MIX-2S, Dual Sim phone at the cover of the biggest mist that stopped humanity in its track for total self destruction. 

and we were watching in Barcelona Casa de Papel Series with el Profesor and Berlin's epic Bella Ciao - (with Berlin's last stand and his human-shield Ariadna : somos la Resistencia no?) only to be surpassed by the Revolutionary movie about the jewish thinkers of the Communist Party throwing the world totally overboard in the name of Christ, not religion - Fiddler on the Roof

Revolution was written all over the place, as University Projects of the Wave to Come, Unfolded in Team Projects - Revolution of the Self in a world of Individuality, Revolts to bring chairs in the University, Diploma project of changing the School of Architecture and also ... the Urban Sketchers manifesto crafted into an even more powerful Statement, The Resistance of Art

the Night of the Werewolf with his Capra (Capricorn) ... hell, we didnt even know what we were doing, but It felt right to randomize, shuffle and experiment ... 

Unlocking with Alice old conservative-monogamous concepts, opening up to oriental (even dacian, pagan or early christian) structures of having an "extended family" and stacking up ideas of "freelove" got my male friends more than jealous and anxious around me because of women (aggresive even), but they didn't got the point to be more precise ... it was a side-effect of the whole thing, not an objective in itself (not all live for addictions) for I like more the saying :

"Sure, sex is fantastic but wait until you see how good it feels to fuck the system."

This polygamy / polyamorous concept was clearly the ultimate mind-killer in both Romanian and Spanish societies, whether the arab world is more open towards these ideas. Even the Mongolian world, as my female friend architect Ujin (now residing in Japan) told me about some concepts of their culture and polyamorous relationships. We talked a lot online during the pandemic, a true friend in slicing and dicing ideas together with Alice and Teo Iris. Why not ? 

Hasta Siempre, Comandante !
like my Cuba friends from Jose Marti gymnasium would say 
(where I had my 1-8 classes)

When CoronaVirus Pandemic struck to help us, I decided to quit all extra activities and side projects - small jobs for pecuniar incomes, rely solely on Alis and go all in for the team, using the "fog" to "shoot out questions" online and try to make everyone have fun or just play around with ideas, turning Facebook from chaos and hate into art itself. Our limit pushing and fun in Barcelona took an even more twisted side when encountering Antonia - Saint Anthony being the "distributor" of Jesus Christ's teachings and also where my Parents met, and later me and Alis met also ... St. Anton Church in Bucharest.

like some from Colegiul Național Mihai Viteazu 
my highschool, would say

This was my first poem dedicated to Alis Olea in 2019 :


Ochii ei mereu albaștri,
Veghează lumea ca doi aștri
A vremurilor învolburare
Nesfârșita-i căutare
Dramă, dragoste, atracții,
Pentru Ea sunt doar reacții ...
Și mă întreb acum, mă întreb mereu
Cât sunt reacție și ... cât sunt eu

de Radu Florea, 2019

... o poezie inspirată de muza mea Alis Olea, scrisă de mine pentru Ea în ianuarie 2019.
Ilustrată cu un desen de la Inktober 2017, după OUG 13 ... inspirație orientală și cartierul Raval din Barcelona (el Rabad - the Outskirts sau din Punjab Raja / King / Commander)

She is from Babadag - Tulcea, Dobrogea area ... we are both extremely fond of Arabian Culture and Les Djinns ... ethereal, Divine ... free flowing  :)

And Submarines of course : The Hunt for Red October (Nuclear), Das Boot and my favorite the Shark (Tiburon) special class, a small sub for commando missions

And "Waking" up Romanians and everyone else from their Death sleep is a tiresome activity nobody pays you for, but the whole world stands now in a "Brink of sleep". 

Hecht (English: "Pike") was the name of two "wolfpacks" of German U-boats that operated during World War II, specialised in ambush attacks of convoys. 

Spades ♠ form one of the four suits of playing cards in the standard French deck. It is a black heart turned upside down with a stalk at its base and symbolises the pike or halberd, two medieval weapons

queen of the Night


a November Rain
... on humanity's existential pain

The chilling second wave of the CoronaVirus pandemic brings even more chaos to the world as riots start to fire up old Europe, while the United States have some of their toughest tribulations yet during the most violent elections announced in a few days. The arab world is steady boiling and yet we still fail to understand, still in a "deep state" of sleep, not willing to think anymore that we are all human, after all. And that Peace should be Sovereign - the only King, not politics.

In a world of hate, maybe the Apocalypse is just the symbol of a Revelation on all human beings. Our National anthem calls for "Awakening".

Never thought about the Ressurection of the Dead at the end of times, but seeing people with such reckless hate, it is almost indeed a brain-dead (or a deep sleep)...

While the political system of democracy fails under the burning wheels of corruption and crooked religion gone wrong, the only hope I guess is to melt all under the same Sun : A Kingdom of Now and Peace, this song I was listening while at our little wedding. 

Quietness as the ultimate Sovereign.


As I am a Leo born on the 13 of August 1985 (8+5) I was always fascinated with the 13th Twin Legion, also known as Legio tertia decima Gemina, was an Elite legion of the Imperial Roman army. It was one of Julius Caesar's key units in Gaul and in the civil war, and was the legion with which he famously crossed the Rubicon on January 10, 49 BC. The legion appears to have still been in existence in the 5th century AD. While all legions had the Bull or Aquila , 13th's symbol was the Lion.

Between 106-268 a.D. Tertio Decima was halted in Dacia (ancient Romania) at Apulum (now Alba Iulia - where Mihai Viteazu or "Malus Dacus" made the first Union of all Romanians after the fall of Dacians 2000 years ago). Because of economic shortback, troops were hired mercenaries, ex-convicts on deathrow from the south of Italy. The baddest of them all, nothing to lose. Today, the phrase "crossing the Rubicon" is a metaphor that means to pass a point of no return.

and my favorite spot is ArtCafe Ryma (Gate 7)
or PUB 13 - Restaurantul Cetății "Pulberăria" (Gunpowder) reminding me of Carel Fabritius Explosion, Șușanu & Florin Salam Ești Bombă!, Powerman5500 - Bombshell or just good old high-school techno track 666 - Bomba or the newest Remix! 666 - Bomba (Reginarock)

and of course Revolutionary Youth Movement for Art,str. Gemina nr. 510126

my favorite and biggest Ship (Ark) of the KASS 3D Army I built during highschool (project)


Now this is what I call a "November Rain" , oil-painting done in Cluj while working as an architect for Trans-Form and Vlad Black. Later on I worked "All along the watch-tower" while in Bucharest for Aurora at Credo Design super heritage-architecture office, my favorite historical monument : The Astronomical Observatory "Admiral Vasile Urseanu", in Bucharest - România.

Zalmoxis (Greek: Ζάλμοξις) is a divinity of the Getae and Dacians (a people of the lower Danube), mentioned by Herodotus in his Histories Book IV, 93–96, written before 425 BC. According to Jordanes's Getica, he was a learned philosopher, before whom two other learned men existed, by the names of Zeuta and Deceneus. In modern times, theories and debate on Zalmoxis's religion by such scholars as Mircea Eliade are influenced by considerations of Romanian nationalism as well by pure historical interest. This documentary below I saw while in Barcelona, just before Covid Pandemic struck Us ... it is a nice tale about Spiritual Reform by the Zalmoxis God, about 660 years before Christianity, Orpheus and the Divine Twins :

our most mysterious Dark Ruler ever with a Black Swan inside.

or like Mircea Eliade, author of the History of Religions
says "Everything is possible, against all rational"

Message from the Kiss



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