End of Times - the Hindu Way ... with Harihara, the supreme Endgod

Harihara - the Supreme Endgod
Hari-hara or Shankaranarayana, the union of Vishnu(Hari) and Shiva(Hara).

Hindu eschatology is linked in the Vaishnavite tradition to the figure of Kalki, or the tenth and last avatar of Vishnu names of the Supreme Being in Hinduism and before the age draws to a close, and Harihara simultaneously dissolves and regenerates the universe. 

Always loved that Romanian philosopher Mircea Eliade made (or tried to make) the only world-known treaty of world religions. Maybe it was his love affair with the lovely indian Maytrei Devi (dreaming of their "Nuntă în Cer" - Sky Wedding) and getting more into Hinduism, but anyway ... wrote about this here : the History of Religions, a graphic diagram.

Oddly enough, at 35 years only I had 2 cats. One black tomcat named Tuesday 13th and the second a lovely girl I called awkwardly enough, Ari (Ari Ari, Hari or Aristița) that eventually fell to her death.

... more like Harihara i guess, because of our Dacian Sanskrit Indo-European roots ? in Barcelona I found this song I absolutely like even more than the Raggas of Ravi Shankar ... "cause we are indian, and we make it hot", i just love it :

And staying in wonderful cosmompolitan Barcelona together with a lot of Indian, Bangladesh and Pakistani immigrants I understood their culture better. Our friends from London24 SuperMarket (Supermercat) were from Bangladesh and when we went into some "Religion" views and talks about their culture, I was amazed that they did not know about their pre-islamic roots (Islam being the state, most common religion now as they said). Still, being so far away from their home - a far and not so rich country from where some want to escape to Europe I felt that they lost "their roots" a bit. And they have wonderful belief systems such as "Animism" (from latin Animo-Soul) like giving soul or spirit to every each object, even inanimate not only animals. A common ancient-old belief also to be found in the African cultures.

And I understood also that Mahatma Gandhi was not so peaceful as the Western world portrays him, and when he got angry he pulled up the tanks also for India and their neighbours, doing a vital intervention in the Bangladesh Liberation War, fighting Pakistani oppressive forces. I painted for them the "Liberator Tank" of the Indian forces with the Bangladesh flag behind and even written some text in Sanskrit (first time, its amazing !). The "Power of Bangra" and their flag history is wonderful : Red means the "Blood of Heroes" and the Green background is their rich grass fields, where the blood was spilled...

India is somewhat alright but under capitalist pressure, losing its sacred wonderful ways. Much the same way the far-orient or arab people from distant countries, such as Syria do. Out of the Orient Wars we sparked a constant flow into Europe and subsequently a clash of cultures / religions that brings much of today's problems I guess. Not understood, radicalized for political purposes and we see today the outcome : assasinations, decapitations, terrorist acts. And this happens on both sides, left-wing tollerants and right-wing angry on everything mob. Just look at "Look who is back" movie about a fictional Hitler Return and finding himself in modern day Germany, so you will have a better picture of the radical tension between migrant life and locals, perpetrated without shame only for power and political reasons, maybe also out of the individual spiritual chaotic wandering in life meaningless ways ...

I had a friend, Ana-Maria that worked as a volunteer in Sana'a, Yemen - on humanitarian mission. What she saw there is beyond belief - kidnapping, tanks firing on her street. I personally talked in Barcelona with the Crew she worked for (accidentally) : cisterns of fresh water blown up, stocks of food wasted, starvation, humiliation ... humanity at the brink of extinction. And what a wonderful culture they have there : houses, architecture you name it. Damascus, Sana'a and much more are genuine gems of architecture on their way to total perdition unfortunately.

It is the human mind that is only set to "destruction mode" when reading the news or seeing an immigrant from those wrecked-up countries. Only ignorance, nothing more. And we are surprised the media is showing us the "Jihad" on statues and culture there, mainly because they have lost contact with reality and maybe, just maybe their spirit has been damaged beyond recognition ... 

I hope we can still "find ourselves" until it is too late. But, when you already get "censored" for an online joke about Romanian girls being "crazy" for saying one day a thing, the other another, you tend to ask yourself ... what is "hatespeech" now and what is just misunderstanding.

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The Theory of Blow ... and Crunch.

maybe all we really need is Somebody to Lean On, a song I discovered in 2015 with Lavinia while working for the "Atelierul din Hamac" cultural platform (a common melting pot for ideas, debates and cultures) :

or just a good party to start the world rocking


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